BREAKING NEWS: Shots and Explosions heard as massive police operation is underway in SE London

Shots and Explosions heard as on
Shots and Explosions heard as on "ongoing and pro-active" Met police operation is underway in SE London

Witnesses reported hearing ‘gunshots’ and ‘explosions’ in Abbey Wood SE2 this morning with the Met Police commenting that it is an “ongoing and proactive” police operation, a police helicopter was seen above circulating the area.

PANICKED residents in Abbey Wood, SE2, were awoken by multiple blasts at around 3am on Wednesday morning and many took to social media to post footage of bright flashes and at least one helicopter circling near the Woolwich Ferry terminal.

One image, in particular, appeared to show dozens of police vehicles and officers at a car park in the area,  a spokesman for the Met Police confirmed an ‘ongoing’ operation was taking place and that a ‘number of arrests’ had been made.

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Greenwich MPS tweeted: “There is currently an ongoing, proactive police operation at a site in Abbey Wood, SE2.

“A number of arrests have been made.

“This is not terrorism-related.”

This is a breaking news story with more to follow as the mystery unfolds, check back later.

Watch the videos posted on Facebook courtesy: Macy Mercia…


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