16 Hour Negotiations but Still No Deal for the Eurozone Amidst Coronavirus Crisis


THE reunion between the Ministers of Economy and Finance within the Eurozone has ended with no concise deal after 16 hours of negotiation and they will regroup to discuss these matters again on Thursday in an attempt to release a set of economic measures designed to respond to the crisis provoked by the coronavirus pandemic.

Mario Centeno, the president of the Eurogroup announced via a tweet that “After 16 hours of negotiations we have arrived closer to a negotiation, but we are still not quite there yet. I suspend the Eurogroup and we will continue tomorrow on Thursday’.

“My objective remains the same: a strong support network for the European Union against the effects of the Covid-19 to protect workers, businesses and countries and commit to a generous recuperation plan,” added the Centenero. As a result, the scheduled press conference at 10.00am has been cancelled.

The French Minister, Bruno Le Maire, has asked on Twitter that all member states “live up to the exceptional challenges” in order to “strike an ambitious deal,” a message he shares with his German colleague Schholz who said that “At this difficult time we must be together. Therefore, together with Le Marire, I ask the eurozone countries not to refuse complicated issues and allow for a good compromise for citizens.”

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