Labour Mayor Attacks Boris after ICU Admission Saying ‘He Deserves This’

CREDIT: Facebook

Trolls and a Labour mayor have been attacking Prime Minister Boris Johnson after he was moved into intensive care.

SOCIAL media trolls have been posting statements such as ‘hope he dies’ and ‘he deserves this.’

Councillor Sheila Oakes, who is currently mayor of Heanor in Derbyshire, took to Facebook last night to say: ‘Sorry he completely deserves this and he is one of the worst PMs we’ve ever had.’


Oakes has since attempted to apologise by saying she accepts that she ‘made a mistake.’

The PM was admitted into hospital on Sunday, which Downing Street said was a precautionary measure. However, he was then placed in ICU after receiving oxygen treatment.

Some people online have taken this opportunity to celebrate the fact that the PM is suffering with Covid-19 in the ICU.

Twitter user @bibagirl wrote: ‘Poor Boris? No. Poor NHS. F*** that scruffy man.’

Another, using the handle @Corby2209, said: ‘Stormzy said f*** Boris and Corona did the rest.’ Miguel Suarez tweeted: ‘Boris Johnson in the ICU f*** yeah.’


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