Zamora’s only Easter Week procession

Holy Week Festivities Cancelled In Spain’s Costa Blanca
Holy Week Festivities Cancelled In Spain’s Costa Blanca Credit: Fanny Vega

ERIKA GARRIDO is a 10-year-old from Zamora City in Castilla y Leon.

In other years she would be looking forward to taking part in the Holy Week processions as a member of a brotherhood (Cofradia) escorting a Paso with a religious sculpture or image.

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This year, owing to restrictions introduced to halt the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, neither Erika nor anyone else in Spain may walk through streets dressed in a penitent’s robes.

Undeterred, Erika used cartridge paper to make her own procession of three penitents, complete with capirote hoods, accompanying a home-made cross which she stuck to the lid of an upturned cardboard box.

She suspended the creation from the apartment’s clothes lines and, using its pulleys, moved the Paso and penitents, accompanied by Easter Week music of cornets and drums, high above the street.

Erika might not be allowed to go out but at least her cartridge paper Cofrades provided Zamora with just one Easter procession during the State of Alarm.

Erika’s procession can be viewed on



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