Young Mother left to grieve alone in isolation minutes after her newborn son dies in a ‘level four lockdown alert’ coronavirus crisis

Aroha Nicola, 23, was forced to grieve alone for her newborn son who died 10 minutes after birth because of strict coronavirus lockdown rules

“HE grabbed my finger and took his last breath“... after spending five days alone in hospital a young mother relives her isolation nightmare before her little baby boy died 10 minutes after birth.

Aroha Nicola, 23, was rushed to hospital last Sunday suffering severe bleeding then spent five days alone in a New Zealand hospital after hearing the agonising news that her son wouldn’t survive the ordeal of childbirth.

“Not having my partner or my mum with me while I was grieving was really hard. I get anxiety and it was really tough.

“I was grieving alone for my brother, knowing my baby was going to die after I gave birth to him.”


Nicola wanted to warn others in New Zealand giving birth they may too suffer her pain.

“When people die, you’re not going to be able to have your family and friends and it is going to be extremely hard,” she said.

The father of the child was only allowed into the room when she went into labour as New Zealand Health rules limit visitors and support during birth to slow coronavirus spread as if this wasn’t enough, Nicola was still mourning her 28-year-old brother’s sudden death from a heart attack.

Regions of the country with a high number of cases – including Auckland and the deep south – may remain in lockdown longer, PM Jacinda Ardern said, and all regions of New Zealand should be prepared for moving in and out of the different alert levels, depending on their situation, after the month-long lockdown ends.






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