Staff at Waitrose Told to ‘Pay Back Time Taken Off to Isolate’

CREDIT: Flickr

WAITROSE has informed its workers that they must pay back the time they’ve taken off to self-isolate, it has been claimed.

Supermarket bosses at Waitrose have allegedly told their workers that they will need to pay for up to two weeks of leave if they are self-isolating.

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Employees with severe underlying health problems are currently ‘shielding’ for 12 weeks and are unable to work or leave the house at all.

A whistleblower who works for supermarket told The National that “lots of people who have worked with Waitrose for ages and who are self isolating or shielding family members are now getting phone calls saying they will have to pay time back”.

“It’s just a massive kick in the teeth. Most of the staff are really honest but now they will have to lie and come in to work even if they are not supposed to or pay back between 74 and 78 hours if they are full time and self-isolate for a fortnight.”



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