Spain’s government considers relaxing lockdown restrictions after April 12 in areas ‘less affected’ by Covid-19

COVID-19 SURVEY: 13% of workers in Spain have gone to work depiste showing symptoms. CREDIT: Shutterstock

Spain’s Ministry of Health has announced that it is considering relaxing confinement restrictions in areas that are less affected by the coronavirus (Covid-19).

“The measures adopted by the government of Spain are working,” confirmed the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa. As a result of these measures, the spread of infection is declining.

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Regions with lower rates of Covid-19 infections could have confinement restrictions lifted “before those that are more affected by the disease,” he confirmed. However, Illa said the government will wait on data before deciding how it will relax restrictions, and exactly which regions.

Fifteen regions could have restrictions slightly loosened thanks to the reducing spread of infection, one of which is Andalucia. Loosened restrictions could mean allowing children to go out with parents, but under strict conditions, he stressed (as reported).



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