Help Spread Some Sunshine: Costa Blanca companies urged to support enterprising project for those in need

ENTERPRISING: Spread some Sunshine is getting creative to overcome fundraising obstacles. CREDIT: Spread some Sunshine

THE Covid-19 pandemic has brought a halt to charity events, projects and acts of kindness, forcing fundraisers to get even more creative.

And Spread Some Sunshine (SSS) is no exception, have having had to cancel all its forthcoming fundraising events, organisers have come up with an enterprising idea that will only succeed with the help of local businesses.

‘Plan B’ comes after a planned Easter event at Bull and Bear in Benitachell, rastro markets, pop up stalls and shops where the project takes its donations for commission, were all forced to close due to the Covid-19 crisis.

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Founder Helen Davis, said: “Currently EVERYTHING is at a standstill! Normally each month we send the money we raise to our trusted project managers in Sri Lanka, Sampath and Dilhani.

“They buy and deliver food and essential items to 26 girls in care and the poorest of families. Usually we pay for craft classes, but all schools are now closed.

“Sadly we are unable to complete the final stages of ‘Happy House,’ our mini community centre, as there is no money right now. Food is our priority, the poor are literally feeding the poorer in Sri Lanka, no government support or benefits.”

So, what does this mean for Spread some Sunshine?  Helen said what they need is a ‘plan B,’ but knowing so many people are facing financial problems right now, she “feels uncomfortable asking for help.”

So, having contacted some kind friends in business, she has proposed the following idea, and is calling on other businesses to get on board.

She said: “I have good quality donated items of children’s spring clothes/shoes that I can’t currently sell.

“Companies or businesses ‘Buy’ items from Spread Some Sunshine for a donation, which will be sent to SL to feed our kids.”

She explained prices range from €1 upwards.

Clothes will be washed, sorted and as soon as allowed/required, will be delivered to Red Cross Javea, for distribution to families desperately in need.

Helen added: “Would your company be prepared to help? Please, to make a donation, just visit our newly developed website  (kindly donated by Paul and Laura McGuire, of, Javea, and friend Ethan).”


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