French Doctors face ‘temptation of euthanasia’ as Spanish doctors are ‘ordered to stop using ventilators for patients older than 80’

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Doctors in France report facing the ‘temptation of euthanasia’ in coronavirus hit care homes while Spanish doctors in Madrid are allegedly being ‘ordered to stop using ventilators for patients older than 80.’

DOCTORS in European countries including Spain and France are reportedly turning to euthanasia to ease the burden of coronavirus on already-overwhelmed health services.

funeral service france
Funeral directors in France report being overwhelmed with cases from the country’s elderly care homes.

In both Spain and France, deaths from coronavirus have ballooned above the official number of dead in China, where the outbreak first began.

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In Spain, there have been 130,759 reported cases, with 4,591 deaths, while in France, 89,953 people have had or have the virus, with 7,560 succumbing to it so far.

And despite the use of euthanasia being illegal in both countries, doctors have said there is a ‘temptation’ for it to be used.

In Spain, a former member of Catalonia’s parliament claimed some elderly patients and those with pre-existing conditions are being given morphine to avoid the ‘futility of health care.’

Alfons Lopez Tena wrote in a tweet: ‘Catalonia’s govt decides to let die coronavirus patients who have ‘less years to live,’ [and recommends] no ‘admissions in hospital of patients with little benefit.’

‘Elders and those with pre-existing conditions will be given morphine to avoid ‘futility of health care’,’ he added.

North-east Spain’s Catalonia region has nearly 24,000 cases of Covid-19 and admissions to intensive care units have tripled in recent weeks.


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