Brazil’s Largest Slum, Rocinha, Detects Four Positive Cases of Covid-19


ACCORDING to the O Globo newspaper, over the past week two people have already died in the infamous slum, they were both elderly and suspected to have been infected with the coronavirus.

Although the head of the Brazilian government, Jair Bolsonaro, is yet to address the health crisis in the nation with a uniform response, Brazil continues to see an increase of positive cases, with the latest arrival being in the slums, one of the most feared scenarios by health experts.

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According to O Globo, four cases of Covid-19 were positively identified yesterday in Rocinha, in Rio de Janerio, which consisted of three women and one man, all under the age of 60.

Now Rocinha has joined the list of similar communities which are beginning to suffer from the coronavirus, other areas include: Ciadade de Deus, Lucas Parade, Vidigal, Mangueira and Complexo de Alemão.

So far Rio de Janeiro has registered 64 deaths from the new coronavirus, whilst an additional 74 are under investigation. O Globo also reports that in the last 24 hours they have suffered six deaths, four of them in the capital.


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