Spain Records Its Lowest Death Rate in the Last 8 Days, with 674 Deaths in the Last 24 Hours


NATIONAL trends in the progression of the coronavirus epidemic in Spain continue to decrease, although the official number of infections has now reached over 130,000 positive cases and a total of 12,418 deaths.

However, on the brighter side there are now over 38,000 recovered cases of the coronavirus.

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Spain continues to be weary of the progression of the coronavirus pandemic, as it recently passed Italy with a higher number of national coronavirus cases; and suffers from an ever-increasing death toll. However, today has brought a sliver of hope to the nation as trends begin to look more promising.

Today they have counted a total number of 130,759 positive cases in the country. The number of daily deaths recorded today was 674, however, this has decreased by 135 since Saturday, showing a downward trend and totalling to 12,418 deaths.

The most positive statistic we have is that of active recoveries which now stands at 38,080.

The substitute for Fernando Simon, Maria Jesus Sierra, already explained at a press conference in Moncloa that progress is being made in a positive direction and things are beginning to “stabilise.”



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