WATCH! Firefighters in Spain’s Madrid Pay Tribute to The Children Stuck at Home with a Giant Banner: ‘Kids You Are Warriors’


THE firefighters from Park number 5, El Torero, have paid tribute to the children of the Moscardo neighbourhood, in the Usera district of Madrid, by elevating themselves on a platform with a giant banner, which read ‘Kids You Are Warriors.’

The firefighters took advantage of the daily tradition when everybody is out on their balconies to also pay a special homage to all the children at home. Two firefighters with megaphones ascended on mobile stairs from the interior of the park and unfolded a gigantic banner as they elevated.

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In response, dozens of children were applauding and shouting in favour of the Madrid City Fire Department. The Moscardo Neighbourhood Association recorded and broadcasted the video, sending out “all [their] love to the firefighters in El Torero park” for such a “cool and thoughtful detail” which the kids loved.


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