AENA rake in the cash as readers call it a rip off as they are charged full 12 euros day at Costa Del Sol & Costa Blanca Airports


Unsympathetic AENA as they milk in the cash from stranded cars on the Costa Del Sol And Costa Blanca

Aena who operate the car parking at Spain’s airports seem to be taking full advantage of car owners who’ve their motors stranded at airport car parks, reader Paul Hunter took the time to write in and reveal what’s happening to stranded car owners, he said:

“Some understanding of the current situation from AENA would be nice.
My car is parked in the official AENA car park at Valencia airport. I parked it there when I managed to get one of the last flights back to the UK to join my family. I booked for 3 weeks not knowing how long the situation would last. I have emailed AENA to extend my booking because of the extended lock-down – they have refused to extend my booking and will be charging 12 euros per day for every day from the end of my current booking. This will cost me at least 240 euros if the restrictions are extended until the 26th of April, and even more if the situation continues.
Following several emails and contact on social media, the answer is the same – ‘sorry we cannot amend your booking’. Their latest response on twitter was ‘could you ask someone locally to move the car from the carpark’ – really! Are they not aware of the current restrictions on movement?
I realise that this is a very small matter with all that is going on, but I think we all need to do whatever we can to help each other in these difficult times – AENA”
12 euros a day when passengers are stranded and can’t move their cars seems extortionate and another stranded reader David Davidge from Malaga said it was a complete rip off he told the Euro Weekly News:
” Its a complete rip off, I’m stuck in Taunton, can’t get back to Malaga for a least 4 weeks and its going to cost me 360 euros minimum, they aren’t doing anything about it if you are lucky to get a response from them, they are just sitting back and milking the cash, they told me they will not release any cars until payment is made in full”


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