Spanish firm accused of taking advantage of Covid-19 fears selling out-of-date disinfectant product online at extortionate price

INVESTIGATION: Firm accused of selling dissinfectant device fraudulently.

A BUSINESSMAN is under investigation in connection with the sale of out of date hygiene products being sold at extortionate prices, ‘taking advantage of people’s fear over the national health crisis.’

The 60-year-old Spanish man from La Rioja, has been arrested for advertising fraud, after selling disinfectant devices online which had been ‘stored for years’ at €130 each.

Since the beginning of the State of Alarm, the Guardia Civil has been inspecting numerous websites to detect cybercriminals and fraudsters who use the virus as a hook, taking advantage of the public’s fear of being infected.

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During their inquiries, they came across an advertisement on a ‘well-known retail portal’ entitled ‘Preventing Covid-19 coronavirus.’

It was publicising ‘a powerful disinfectant device, through the generation of ozone, which totally cleans the rooms perceiving a slight smell of cleanliness, disinfecting at once through the air all surfaces destroying bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.’

It goes on to say laboratory analysis certified that ‘each appliance in an area of 50 square metres, obtains a reduction of more than 60 per cent in the case of bacteria and 50 per cent in moulds and yeasts.’

The Guardia Civil said the now investigated company allegedly took advantage of the health crisis to attract customers and sell the 21 appliances it had been storing for several years at €130 each.

The Guardia Civil’s Telematic Crimes Group has set up a dedicated email for members of the public to report cyber-crimes that use the Covid-19 coronavirus as a hook.

Through the e-mail, any people can let the police know about possible crimes on the Internet such as scams, fraud, malicious attacks or disinformation.

The operation was carried out by officers of the Guardia Civil’s Judicial Police Unit in La Rioja.

If anybody has any concerns about the disinfectant products or information that may help the police with this particular investigation, they can call the Guardia Civil Peripheral Communication Office in La Rioja, on 650 478 299.



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