UK Couple spend lockdown bonding with their ‘miracle’ babies born after 18 years of IVF

BONDING IN LOCKDOWN: Ruth and Mick welcomed their "miracle" babies on Mother's Day- CREDIT: Ruth O'Malley Facebook

AFTER 18 years trying for a baby through IVF, a couple is spending lockdown with their ‘miracle’ identical twins after becoming a family at long last on Mother’s Day.

Mick, 53, and Ruth O’Malley, 39, from Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, underwent the IVF process five times before the joyous arrival of their boys at Scunthorpe General Hospital.

Ruth said “we feel truly blessed to have met them after waiting for such a long time,” reports Daily Mail UK.

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“If you had told me that 18 years after I was told I couldn’t conceive children naturally, I would be back in Scunthorpe General Hospital having twins – on Mother’s Day, no less, I wouldn’t have believed you.”

MIRACLE BABIES: Born on Mother’s Day. CREDIT: Ruth O’Malley Facebook

Ruth and Mick, one of 10 children, met on the Golden Wonder factory floor in 1999 and were married three years later.

They were eager to have children, but soon after tying the knot, they were told it would only be possible through IVF.

Ruth said the “many rounds of IVF” were gruelling, but “would do it a million times to get to this result… it was a miracle.”

Mick’s father, James, 89, travelled from Scotland to meet his 34th and 35th grandchildren.

Ruth’s due date was April 9, but as both boys were growing quickly, she was induced weeks early.

The family are now self isolating, but Ruth says she is happy to have the quality time together, with “no distractions.”

As soon as the lockdown is over, they plan to get a train to Scotland so the rest of Mick’s family can meet the new additions.

Ruth said she hopes the restrictions are over while the boys are still young babies, but added “we’ve waited 18 years, we can wait a few more weeks.”


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