Taking No Chances with the Coronavirus-Fuengirola starts a thorough disinfection of all three Municipal Markets

Fuengirola Markets get a full Cleansing
A worker starts the treatment, all three Municipal markets in Fuengirola will get a full deep clean

ACROSS Spain, people are observing the lockdown measures that were recently increased, in line with this, Fuengirola Council has ordered a thorough cleansing of all three municipal markets that are still open.

The Los Boliches, Mercacentro, and Mayoristas facilities are open to the public, from Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 2pm, it is worth remembering that most of the stalls in these markets have a home delivery service, just ask them as they need our support.

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The three municipal indoor markets in Fuengirola offer a great selection of fresh fish, meat, and fruit and we all need to support them.

Fuengirola City Council took these extreme measures to disinfect the three existing municipal markets in the city, it follows on from the regional street cleaning and disinfecting initiative launched last week. Regular readers will note however that this caused its own problems with citizens reporting the chemicals used were poisoning some domestic pets!

These tasks are part of the disinfection work on municipal buildings launched by the Department of Health due to the health alert caused by the Covid-19 virus pandemic.




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