Guardia Civil Arrest Three Individuals in Barcelona After Fleeing Police Check

Credit: Guardia Civil

THE Guardia Civil in Barcelona have arrested three individuals who were driving in a stolen car when they tried to evade the police verification check on the N-340 road in Vilafranca del Pendés.

The Guardia Civil detained all three of the occupants of the vehicle as they fled the police check which was there to ensure residents were abiding to the quarantine rules established by the national State of Alarm. When the police officers managed to stop the car, they identified that the driver had no licence and that the vehicle had been stolen.

The detainees have now been charged with grand theft auto; however, the driver has also been charged with driving without a licence, and reckless driving.


The incident occurred on March 29, when the officers who were conducting the police check noticed that a vehicle close by had quickly and brashly changed direction when they saw the police presence.

The officers then managed to intercept the vehicle which had three male passengers, they were 41, 26, and 19 years of age, all from the Badalona area.

There were also various suspicious tools in the car, amongst these was a very large axe. After checking the vehicle registration, the police found out that the vehicle had been stolen that same day.

Tools found in the stolen vehicle.
Credit: Guardia Civil

Apart from the crimes related to the stolen vehicle, they also received sanctions for not abiding to the restrictions set out by the State of Alarm.


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