Covid-19 claims 20 more lives in Spain’s Alicante Province, where emergency health facility opens tomorrow

HEALTH FACILITY: Doctors' residence oppsite Hospital de Sant Joan, Alicante, will take COVID19 patients from tomorrow. CREDIT: Wikipedia

THE Coronavirus pandemic has claimed the lives of 20 people in Alicante Province over the last 24 hours.

The number of Covid-19 victims has risen to 167 and 395 in the Community of Valencia as a whole.

Some 792 people are being treated in hospitals in the province, 12 up on yesterday.

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But on a positive note, today is the first in which hospitals in the Community of Valencia have not seen a rise in admissions.

The Regional Ministry of Health is finalising tomorrow’s opening of what will be the first hotel providing medical treatment in Alicante.

The Complejo San Juan hotel, which is normally a doctors’ residence, is opposite the Sant Joan Hospital and has 280 rooms, 150 of which will be used for Covid-19 patients and the rest for health personnel who do not want to risk spreading the virus at home.

These beds will be made available to patients currently in hospital, whose prognosis is slight but must remain in isolation and be monitored.

In this way, hospital beds are freed up for the more seriously ill patients.

The Ministry of Health plans to start refering the first patients tomorrow, Thursday, April 2.


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