WATCH: Spain’s Guardia Civil rescues puppies ‘shamelessly left to die’ in a bin

ABANDONED: Two puppies were discovered by police after being alerted by residents. FILE PIC

GUARDIA CIVIL and animal rescue SOS 112 Vagabundos have hit out at the heartless person who dumped puppies ‘to die’ in a bin in Badajoz, while thanking residents for alerting them to the callous act.

In the last half an hour, a video of the puppies has been released, with the Guardia Civil posting: “We are in times when Covid-19 has focused the efforts of all of Spain, but there are situations that unfortunately do not change and that we have to continue to attend as we have always done.

“Yesterday some neighbours from Tavaveral La Real warned us of crying they heard from inside an organic waste container, where we found inside a sack two newborn greyhound puppies that someone, without shame, had thrown to let them die.”


SOS 112 Vagabundos were alerted and have taken them into their facilities.

The Guardia Civil continued: “Unfortunately there are things that do not change, luckily citizen collaboration remains intact, many thanks to the neighbours for letting us know and being able to save the lives of these two puppies,” and urged: “Don’t abandon animals, warn a foster centre.”

Cachorros galgo encontrados en la basura

NECESITAMOS VUESTRA AYUDA EN TIEMPOS DE CORONAVIRUS Agentes de la Guardia Civil y Policía Local de Talavera la Real (Badajoz) han rescatado el lunes 30 de marzo a dos cachorros de galgo que habían sido arrojados al interior de un contenedor. Varios vecinos alertaron a los agentes de que del interior de un contenedor de residuos orgánicos se estaban oyendo llantos y gemidos. Una vez rescatados, contactaron con nosotras para garantizar el bienestar de los chorros que ya están en nuestras instalaciones.La Guardia Civil investiga este suceso como un presunto delito de maltrato animal, tipificado en el Código Penal.Nosotras también hemos denunciado.

Zveřejnil(a) SOS 112 Vagabundos dne Úterý 31. března 2020


SOS 112 Vagabundos posted the video with the message: “We need your help in coronavirus times. Officers from the Guardia Civil and Local Police of Talavera la Real (Badajoz) rescued two greyhound puppies….that had been thrown inside a container.

“They contacted us to ensure the well-being of the puppies that are now in our facilities.

Reminding people that as well as being moral unacceptable, dumping animals in also an offence. “The Guardia Civil is investigating this event as an alleged crime of animal abuse, defined in the Penal Code, and we have also reported it.”



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