Motril is paying its bills

Town hall guarantees social expenditure, credit: Rosa F Seguido

MOTRIL’S local government is prioritising payment to its suppliers during the Covid-19 State of Emergency.

“This means a cash injection of more than €1 million that will bring  increased liquidity to the small and medium-sized businesses that deal with the town hall,” announced Economy and Finance councillor Nicolas Navarro.

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This would require significant efforts, Navarro admitted, but stressed the town hall’s “good financial health” at present.

On average, suppliers’ bills are settled in under 60 days, which will allow the town hall to pay off many of the invoices received over the last month, the councillor said.

“In turn, this will help businesses that are currently struggling during the lockdown conditions,” Navarro added.

The councillor went on to his explain that the town hall was also restructuring its 2020 Budget.

“Obviously our original spending estimates have to be amended now, so that we can guarantee social spending which is the most important thing at present,” he said.





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