Home deliveries appeal  

FOOD DELIVERIES: Not everyone can do their own shopping, credit: Pixabay

VELEZ-MALAGA town hall called on all local businesses who habitually make home deliveries to inform the town hall.

This also applies to shops and supermarkets that have started deliveries since the restrictions on movement owing to the Coronavirus crisis.

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Together all involved can make a coordinated effort that will be able to respond efficiently to the local population’s needs.

Velez-Malaga’s Social Services are already collaborating with volunteers from Proteccion Civil (Civil Defence) to provide a shopping system for basic supplies for the elderly or disabled people living alone.

In addition to this service the town hall has informed residents that it has a comprehensive list of establishments that can carry out home deliveries. Business-owners who wish to be included this database, should contact the comunicacion@velezmalaga.es  email address.




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