Getting through lockdown with kids survival guide for Spain’s parents

ROUTINE: The guide recommends establishing a daily timetable. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

A Costa Almeria council has created on online guide for parents on how to get through the lockdown home confinement with kids.

THE Adra Social Services department Family Team has put together practical tips for mums and dads on how to organise the days while the State of Alarm restrictions remain in place. It features sections on personal care, psychological care and on personal relations.

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“We are offering citizens advice on our capacity for overcoming this emergency situation which we are going through due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is a new situation to which we have to adapt, and which requires us all to make an effort to get through it,” commented Social Services councillor Patricia Berenguel.

Under personal care the local authority repeats the obvious recommendations for avoiding contagion like staying at home and avoiding physical contact with others unless absolutely necessary, but also reminds people of the importance of trying to do some kind of daily physical exercise, eating a healthy diet and getting up and going to bed at the usual times.

Mental health is crucial, it stresses, especially under current circumstances.

“Although it is normal to feel stress, uncertainty or fear, you have to try and stay calm,” the guide stresses.

Hence “communication is vital and knowing how to listen, especially to children, trying to explain to them in an appropriate language for their age what coronavirus is and how to avoid it.”

It underlines the need for parents to give out to children messages of calm and of safety and to keep a positive attitude.

School is out indefinitely, but the guide recommends staying in contact with kids’ teachers and helping them with their homework. It strongly suggests getting children to follow a routine with a fixed daily timetable, especially from Monday to Friday.

Mums and dads should, it continues, do their best to create a favourable environment for studying, emphasising this should be “without the distraction of electronic devices like TVs and consoles.”

Another recommendation is getting children to do their bit around the home.

“This situation could be a good opportunity to improve relations with our children,” the guide maintains.


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