Spain May Have Surpassed China in The Number of Coronavirus Cases But The Daily Diagnosis Rate Has Been Steadily Falling


The Ministry of Health has updated its figures on the coronavirus crisis in Spain, which now has a confirmed number of 85,195 cases. We are currently expecting a daily increase of 8.1 per cent in new cases, this percentage has been steadily decreasing for the last five days, as yesterday saw a fall from 13 per cent to 9 per cent.

THE number of cases on Spanish soil has now surpassed the number of cases in China, the origin of the pandemic, which recorded a total of 82,156 cases of the virus.

The positive data recorded is that yesterday Spain reached a total of 16,780 cured patients, an increase of 14.1 per cent with 2,071 new recoveries.

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In the ICU there are still 5,231 patients hospitalised, 324 more than on Sunday which is a 6.6 per cent increase. In total 46,617 of positive cases have needed medical attention.

The most affected regions by this virus continue to be Madrid and Cataluña, with 24,090 and 16,157 positive cases respectively. Only Ceuta and Melilla record less than 100 cases, with 25 and 51 positive cases respectively.


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