Rotten thieves steal 200 surgical scrub suits from Spain’s Sevilla hospital amid Covid-19 crisis

Around 200 disposable surgical scrub suits were stolen from Seville’s Virgen de Rocio Hospital during the early hours of this morning. CREDIT: Twitter

SEVILLA’S Virgen de Rocio Hospital has reported the theft of around 200 disposable surgical scrub suits today. The robbery took place during the early hours of this morning, as the country’s health service not only faces a worsening coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis, but a huge lack of both medical and protective equipment needed to save lives.

The suits are said to have been stolen from a dispensing machine located on the fourth floor of the hospital, as well as the store room, which is usually limited to health professionals only. Most hospital surgeons access important disposable equipment like this through dispensing machines now, with an access code.

It’s not about the “cost” of the stolen equipment that the hospital is concerned about, but rather the “severe lack of equipment like this, which is indispensable right now for health professionals fighting on the frontlines of the coronavirus battle,” stated the hospital. It has also sent a message via its social media today, asking the public to help stop this kind of damaging and dangerous irresponsible behaviour, which can put many lives at risk. The robbery is currently being investigated by the Local Police.




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