Fuengirola pollution continues to drop since State of Alarm announced in Spain

Drop in exhaust fumes. Less cars on the streets of Fuengirola Credit: Shutterstock

FUENGIROLA has significantly reduced the emission of polluting gases in the last few weeks. This is verified in the statistics carried out by the Andalucian government through the measurement centre in Marbella that analyses the evolution of gas emissions into the atmosphere.

In the comparison between February and March “a drop in the emission rates of various particles that affect air pollution such as ozone, sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide is reflected,” pointed out the councillor for Urban Ecology, Antonio Carrasco, who explained that this situation “is the result of the drop in road traffic in Fuengirola, as well as the slowdown in most of the economic activity.”

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The average of recent weeks, in terms of general levels of air pollution, has decreased from 37 to 17 per cent, which means, according to the experts, “that air quality is currently considered satisfactory and pollution does not represent any risk.”



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