Costa del Sol Mayor reminds Police Officers that there will be More Elderly on the streets due to Pension Payments

The video conference Credit: Ayuntamiento de Marbella

MARBELLA mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, chaired a meeting, (by videoconference), of the Coordination Commission for Security Covid-19, in which a number of city officials and State Security Forces were present.

She made it clear that at the end of March, extra caution must be exercised around different banks in the city because many elderly people will be taking money out having received their pension payments.

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The mayor stressed that social distancing must be observed in order to protect the elderly who may not fully appreciate its importance for their well-being.

As well as congratulating all involved from the Local Police, the National Police and Fire Brigade, as well as Civil Protection, she emphasised that  not only are they doing an impressive job to enforce the regulations and ensure everyone’s safety, the use of  video surveillance cameras and the imminent introduction of drones would improve security even more.

Finally, she highlighted the responsibility and commitment of the members of the Local Police, who have given up their vacations during this difficult time and also thanked members of the municipal body.


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