Guardia Civil charge Drunk Cyclist after rescuing him from a ditch in Zaragoza, Spain

Removing the cyclist from the ditch Credit: Guardia Civil

OFFICERS of the Guardia Civil received information that a man was injured and unable to get out of a ditch in a rural road in a remote part of Mallen in Zaragoza.

When they arrived on the scene they discovered a cycle on the road and after hearing moans and grunts coming from a ditch they found the cyclist lying in water and mud.

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They then realised that the reason for his incapacity was that he was completely drunk and was almost incoherent as well as possibly suffering from the first stages of hypothermia.

Three officers managed to pull him out of the ditch and they wrapped him in a ‘space blanket’ whilst calling for an ambulance to take him to hospital.

About 20 minutes after helping load him onto the ambulance, the officers received a call from the paramedics asking for help as the man didn’t want to stay in the ambulance and was trying to escape.

By the time they arrived at the ambulance it was agreed that there was no visible injury and rather than take him on to hospital, the officers decided to take him home to get him into a place of safety and to sleep it off.

When he woke later, the 57-year-old discovered that he had received a ‘ticket’ for failing to comply with the containment measures established in the Royal Decree due to the State of Alarm over coronavirus.


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