Retired doctors and medical students volunteer help to Spain’s Balearic Island health professionals on coronavirus crisis frontline

OBJECTIVE: The College of Doctors wants to boost the number of medical staff available at health centres CREDIT: Colegio de Médicos de Baleares Twitter @COMbalears

RETIRED doctors and final year medical students are among the some 240 health professionals who have volunteered to assist health professionals in the Balearic Islands working on the frontline of the coronavirus health crisis.

Doctors working in the private sector and medical interns without an assigned position have also signed up to the Balearic College of Doctors register of volunteers, which it has put at the disposition of the regional Health ministry.

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The ministry is responsible for assigning each volunteer according to their profile and need.

The college of doctors put out the call for health professionals to sign up to the register last week with the aim of boosting the number of medical staff available in Balearic Island heath centres to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The college expressed its gratitude to the volunteers for their collaboration and spirit of service.

The college has also provided them with free civil responsibility insurance to cover their voluntary medical assistance should they not already have it and given those not already registered with the college free membership to be able to start on their assistance work.


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