Malaga’s sports centre on Costa Del Sol to be converted into temporary hospital for coronavirus patients

Malaga’s Carranque Sports Centre will be turned into a 400-bed temporary hospital for patients with coronavirus. CREDIT: Ciudad Deportiva de Carranque

MALAGA’S Carranque Sports Centre has been given the go-ahead to be turned into a temporary 400-bed hospital for patients with coronavirus (Covid-19), according to Andalucia’s health authorities.

Andalucia’s Servicio Andaluz de Salud (SAS) and Elias Bendodo, Minister for Cabinet and Interior for the Andalucian region, have already inspected the premises for its suitability and have given the go-ahead for preparations.

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The Carranque Sports Centre is an ideal location because of its close proximity to Malaga’s Regional Hospital, which will make it easy to transfer patients quickly, according to SAS.

The sports centre’s staff – including sports doctors and physicians – are also reported to have volunteered their services at the makeshift hospital when it opens.


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