UK coronavirus fear- A letter from Spain

Worrying about what lies ahead

I’m really fearing for my home country, the UK.

As I write this, it’s the day after Mothering Sunday. I’m seeing images from the UK of crowds out, going about life as if nothing has changed. I must admit, when news of the Corona Virus first hit the headlines, I laughed it off. I thought it was terrible for the people in China. But laughed at those who were panicking that it would make its way to us, in such a catastrophic way. I came out of denial about a month ago though!

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To see so many British people still thinking they’ll be ok, though. Quite frankly, I can’t believe the stupidity! I’m getting the same sinking feeling I felt when the Brexit vote passed. Thinking the same thing “my God, how can you all be so stupid?”. It wasn’t hard to see the bigger picture then. It’s not hard to see it now either. I thought no good would come from isolating yourself from a union that is there to protect all its members.  You go back prior to the vote, even up until recently, you’d hear the same thing “we don’t need them. We pay in more than we get out”. I remember thinking about home insurance and comparing it to cancelling that because your street hasn’t had any break-in recently.

Yes, Britain has done well over the years. It’s been one of the strongest European countries. I can see it all coming crashing down now though. The failure of the government to act quickly and lock the country down. The sheer stupidity of the masses going about life as if everything is normal too. Italy’s health system is on the brink of collapse and so is Spain’s, despite swift lockdowns. It’s inevitable the UK will suffer much more. I think dark days are ahead. I fear the economy and the health system will both completely collapse. Now they’ve cancelled their insurance policy too (EU membership), there’s no future financial aid available.  No help from their neighbours.

I hope by the time this goes to print, the UK government will have done the right thing and stopped freedom of movement. Maybe some good will come of it? Maybe those who voted to restrict movement in the good times will realise how precious it was during the bad? Wouldn’t that be ironic?!


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