Sevilla & Malaga’s Congress Centres ‘potential’ hospitals as Spain’s Andalucia Covid-19 cases soar to 3,010+

Sevilla & Malaga's Congress Centres ‘potential’ hospitals as Spain's Andalucia Covid-19 cases soar to 3,010+
Spain has 85,195 people now infected with the coronavirus (Covid-19), and more alarmingly, around 12,298 of them are health professionals.

SEVILLA and Malaga’s Congress Centres could be turned into ‘potential’ hospitals, according to the region’s health authorities, as Andalucia’s (coronavirus) Covid-19 cases soar to 3,010+.

The total death toll from the disease has also risen to 113. The region registered 24 deaths from the coronoavirus and 539 new cases in the last 24 hours alone. The number of patients infected and in intensive care has also risen to 116.

Malaga continues to be the most affected province, with 819 infected and 40 deaths, to date. Here’s a breakdown of the number of infected with Covid-19, and deaths across the region to date:


  • Malaga 819 cases (40 deaths)
  • Granada 579 cases (25 deaths)
  • Sevilla 535 cases (18 deaths)
  • Córdoba 291 cases  (6 deaths)
  • Jaén 316 cases (14 deaths)
  • Cádiz 278 cases (4 deaths)
  • Almería 115 cases (5 deaths)
  • Huelva 77 cases  (1 death)

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