Police ensure strict compliance with Spain’s coronavirus state of alarm restrictions in Costa Almeria’s Mojacar

VIOLATIONS: Local Police have filed 35 reports for failing to abide by the restrictions CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Mojacar

LOCAL POLICE in Mojacar are ensuring strict compliance with the coronavirus state of alarm restrictions.

By today Thursday the 23-strong force had filed 35 reports for failing to abide by the emergency situation measures. Two were for repeat offences.

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Should the individuals concerned violate the restrictions again Local Police will arrest them, the local council stressed.

Mojacar’s Local Police force is currently working flat out, the local authority said.

There are two patrols out every day of the week. At the weekends checks on accesses to the municipality are being stepped up to ensure no one tries to get to their holiday home.

In such cases the fines are as high as €600 and the person is obliged to return to the usual place of residence.

The local force has four patrol cars and motorbikes, taking it in turns to ensure all movements around the municipality are only for essential reasons and in compliance with the State of Alarm.

The Local Police’s message, the council emphasised, is the importance of staying at home to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


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