El Campello is opening a ‘window to nature’ and bringing the outdoors into our homes during lockdown

WINDOW TO NATURE: The counciul initiative is calling on residents to email their nature photographs. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de El Campello

AS the State of Alarm enforced lockdown continues, El Campello Council has launched an initiative to bring the outdoors inside.

The Department of the Environment wants to bring the town’s natural heritage closer to all of its residents through a project whereby, every week, through the municipal social networks, it will showcase the wonders of the El Campello environment through photographic archives and pictures taken by ‘lovers of our landscape.’

For this reason, the council is inviting all residents to participate in this ‘window to nature’ through by emailing photographs of El Campello’s natural environment to [email protected]


A council spokesperson said: “We are aware that many of you miss the contact with the environment, for this reason, we will bring the natural heritage of Campello.”

The first instalment will be from Toni Zaragozí, a nature lover and member of SEO Birdlife who will share his photographs of Les Puntes de Gosàlvez, a natural area and ‘green lung’ of the municipality, where he has been watching birds for more than 12 years.

The spokesperson added: “Among the hills you can find bushes such as blackthorn, mastic or palm hearts scattered among the esparto grass.

“In addition, it is home to numerous species of insects and birds, such as the subalpine warbler that appears in a camouflaged image among the branches of a mastic tree.”


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