Three of Spain’s Alicante hotels will be opened up for frontline workers during COVID19 crisis

GOYA HOTEL: One of three hotels/resports which will accomodate frontline workers. CREDIT: Facebook

THE Government this morning declared three hotels/reports in the Alicante province will be used as extra accommodation for frontline workers and those providing other essential services during the coronavirus crisis.

The Official State Bulletin confirmed this morning that hotels Goya, and resorts El Plantio and Alicante Hills are among the list of Spanish establishments authorised to take in clients during the ‘State of Alarm’, and will be “key to guaranteeing the continued functioning of the country”.

The three hotels will be kept closed to the general public, but must provide accommodation (where possible) to workers carrying out: essential maintenance work, health care, repair and execution of works of general interest, supply of agricultural and fisheries products, crews of fishing vessels, as well transportatoion and telecommunication.

Staff at all of the establishments will have to observe the protection measures and be given detailed instructions, indicated by the Ministry of Health, in order to avoid contagion.
The accomodation will also provide catering service.




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