Spanish military disinfecting key coronavirus high risk Costa Almeria locations

FOCUS: The UME is disinfecting zones like Almeria port and provincial hospitals CREDIT: Puerto de Almeria Twitter @puertodealmeria

THE Spanish military is disinfecting key high risk Costa Almeria locations as part of the battle to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Some 30 members of the UME Emergencies Military Unit II Intervention Battalion based in Moron in Seville were deployed to different points first thing on Tuesday morning as part of Operation Balmis, which is being coordinated by the Armed Forces, and which has enabled the Legion Brigade to join in the duties of ensuring the public abide by the state of alarm restrictions.

The UME work teams started the disinfections using a substance similar to bleach at the Torrecardenas hospital in Almeria city and at the provincial capital’s port. They then moved on to another dozen or so areas where a lot of people pass through, including the airport and the train station, as well as to potential Covid-19 infection hot spots like old age peoples’ homes in El Ejido and Illar, and where last Friday one of the residency’s associates tested positive for the virus.

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The Sub-delegation of the Government in Almeria told Spanish press the initial planning included disinfecting the provincial hospitals and the El Acebuche prison.

CREDIT: Puerto de Almeria Twitter @puertodealmeria
CREDIT: Puerto de Almeria Twitter @puertodealmeria


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