Spain’s Guardia Civil urges public to look out for each other during State of Alarm’ but follow safety rules


THOUGH the nation is gripped in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, human nature will always prevail if someone is in need, in particular the elderly.

As such, the Guardia Civil has issued a warning to ‘still remain cautious’ when offering support as the number of positive cases continue to rise.

In a Twitter post today, the police authority said: “During these times, we should move to help our elders, but without leaving home, call them. Keep in touch with your family and friends, worry about people who live alone. In case of need, you can help them, but safely.


“During the alarm state if you help elderly people, do so following the basic safety rules: distance, mask and hygiene. They are a vulnerable group.”

At the same time, officers have stepped up surveillance at banks to ensure the safety of elderly people venturing out to withdraw pensions.

The Guardia Civil added: “Today banks have had a greater influx of people, especially older people to take out their pension. This is why we have reinforced surveillance to ensure their safety and to assist them if necessary.”

Elderly people are also being advised to take extra care when withdrawing from ATMs, be aware of who is nearby, advice which stands at all times.


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