Stop smoking campaign reignited online in El Campello

RISE IN SALES: Tobacco industry says this is more likely due to stockpiling than an increase in smokers.

AN online ‘stop smoking’ campaign has been launched in El Campello amid the coronavirus crisis which causes critical respiratory problems.

The council’s Social Welfare Department launched the ‘Get Away From Tobacco’ initiative in February, in conjunction with the Community Prevention Unit of Addictive Conducts (UPCCA).

Sessions were held at El Barranquet Social Centre, but had to be suspended under the State of Alarm measures.

But yesterday, Monday, March 23, the council announced it was relaunching the scheme via video conference.


A UPCCA spokesperson said: “Many of the attendees have their lung health compromised and it is vital for them to fight smoking, even more so at the present time where coronavirus effects the lungs and airways, conditions also associated with consumption of tobacco.

“With the support of the AECC (Spanish Association against Cancer), and at the request of the council, it has been agreed not to suspend support and the treatment will resume with online therapy.”

To find out more, call Javier Moreno or visit [email protected]


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