Spain’s pharmaceutical body in Malaga warns that home deliveries are still ‘illegal’

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Pharmacists feel they could offer more. Credit: Wiki Commons

SPAIN’S pharmaceutical body in Malaga, Colegio de Farmacéuticos de Málaga (Icofma), has issued a warning to all pharmacies today that home deliveries of medicines are still actually ‘illegal’.

While it recognises that thousands of elderly people live home alone, and are often unable to travel to get their medicines, particularly given the country’s State of Alarm, it reminded pharmacies across Malaga that these ‘home deliveries’ remain illegal.

“Until the local health authority officially authorises these home deliveries, it’s completely illegal to engage in home distribution of medicines, as well as publicise pharmaceutical home delivery through any type of advertising or media, whether it’s written, audio or digital,” cautioned Icofma. It reminded all pharmacies that anyone carrying out deliveries can still be ‘fined’ or ‘sanctioned’.

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