Elderly Malaga man discovered badly beaten and robbed in Spain’s Antequera

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BODY FOUND: An abandoned car was discovered close to the deceased. CREDIT: Guardia Civil (file pic)

Elderly Malaga man discovered badly beaten and robbed in Spain’s Antequera

GUARDIA CIVIL officers recently discovered a stunned and badly wounded old man wandering through the streets of Archidona early in the morning.
The man’s injuries were so bad that they thought he had been run over, but whilst he was being cared for in hospital he recounted the brutal assault he had suffered throughout the night.
He said that several people, one of them with a firearm, approached him around 11pm the night before when he returned to his house and bundled him into a vehicle, where they covered his head and tied him up.
The victim’s belongings were stolen and they beat him until he handed over his bank cards and PIN numbers with which they used to withdraw more than €1,000 at different ATMs in Archidona and Antequera.
Once the money was obtained, they left the van with the victim inside bound at his feet and hands and with his neck tied to a part of the vehicle.
Due to the severity of the injuries he presented, the man had to be transferred to the Antequera Regional Hospital, where he was admitted to the ICU, where he has been hospitalised for 25 days to recover from the injuries and trauma that he presented.
After careful investigation, the officers identified the two alleged perpetrators who already had numerous police records. The criminals were then arrested and two house searches uncovered numerous articles of incriminating evidence, including the mobile phone that had been stolen from the victim.

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