Spain’s maritime rescue service appeals for responsible disposal of waste during lockdown

HOPING PANDEMIC UNDER CONTROL SOON: In the meantime Salvamento Maritimo asks for responsible disposal of waste. CREDIT: Salvamento Maritimo

WHILE the world’s attention is focused on the coronavirus pandemic, Spain’s maritime rescue service is reminding everyone about another global problem – marine garbage, and asking everyone to dispose of plastics responsibly while we are cooped up at home.

While posting a spectacular photo in anticipation of the end of the pandemic, Salvamento Maritimo this evening said: “Now that we’re facing a situation that threatens everyone, remember that marine garbage is also a global problem, just as important as climate change.

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“Ten million tonnes of garbage arrive annually to the seas and oceans, with plastics being one of the main problems.

“Some 80 per cent of sea garbage comes from land, abandoned waste is dragged into the sea even from many miles inland. What we throw through the WC can end up in the sea being part of that marine trash.”

And to end on a positive note, the emergency services posted a spectacular picture (main photo) captioned: “This is how happy we will be the day we end this damn pandemic,” while reminding everyone to be responsible.


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