Costa Almeria volunteer farmers collaborate on mass fumigation of Adra streets to prevent spread of coronavirus

SAFETY: The disinfection is being carried out at night and residents are being pre-informed of programmed times CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

A GROUP of volunteer farmers is collaborating on a mass fumigation of Adra’s streets.

The local council’s major disinfection initiative as one of the measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is due to get underway on Tuesday night.

The action will be under the supervision of Civil Protection and Local Police to ensure it is as effective as possible and to ensure the safety of all those involved.


It is going to be carried out by zone in both Adra town and the outlying districts with the aim of optimising time and working simultaneously.

The council clarified that the disinfection will not involve the use of elements which are toxic to either humans or animals, and that it is going to be done at night to be able to operate with the greatest levels of safety and effectiveness.

The local authority said residents will be warned in advance so they keep their doors and windows closed at the fumigation programmed times.

It also stressed that participating farmers will be provided with individual protection equipment and will at all times be following the municipal safety professionals’ instructions.

“We have for several days been organising and designing the necessary operation to carry out these works safely and with guarantees”, Adra Mayor Manuel Cortes explained.

Cortes described the farmers’ offer to collaborate as “as an example of the willingness of Adra residents to help in battling this health crisis.”

The Mayor took the opportunity to call for “calm” in facing the pandemic, while reminding residents that it is “essential to follow the health authorities’ recommendations and stay at home.”


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