Coronavirus lockdown aggravates household tensions in Spain’s Mallorca

Around 926 people have been arrested and another 102,000 have been reported for flouting the State of Alarm rules during the first 10 days of Spain's lockdown. CREDIT: Shutterstock

AS the coronavirus crisis lockdown continues, it looks as though the enforced confinement in homes is aggravating some domestic tensions in Mallorca’s capital Palma.

Police arrested two brothers in their forties in the early hours of Sunday morning after they got into a serious argument at their home in the Foners district.

On the same night officers detained a 47-year-old Ecuadorian in the El Terreno district after he threatened to kill his flatmate and injured him with a knife.

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In the case of the brothers, police patrols went to the property after a number of calls to 091 reporting the violent row. When they got there they found only one of the siblings indoors. He admitted there had been a major falling out and that both of them had got hurt.

The other brother had stormed out, but only went as far as the building’s garage to not violate the movement restrictions.

According to Spanish press, relatives of the pair said there had been bad feelings between them for some time and they were always arguing.

The arrest of the Ecuadorian followed a call from the flatmate claiming he had attacked him with a knife and cut his hand. He reportedly told the patrol which went to the property to investigate that he had been living with the Ecuadorian for some time, having rented him out a room, but that they didn’t get on.

When they got into an argument at the weekend he told the flatmate to get out, which, he said, was when he picked up the knife and threatened to kill him.

Police detained the 47-year-old on charges of threatening behaviour and causing bodily harm.


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