Spain to roll out rapid Coronavirus test kits country-wide ‘in next few days’

Andalusia accounts for 1,515 of Spain’s total COVID-19 cases, which hovers around 25,000.

The Spanish Health Minister Salvador Illa has announced this evening that rapid Coronavirus (COVID-19) test kits will be rolled out across the whole of Spain in the next few days. In a press conference this evening, together with the Science Minister Pedro Duque, he confirmed that the rapid tests will be carried out on those with less severe symptoms, as soon as possible.

The tests will help to detect and confirm COVID-19 cases, particularly ‘hidden cases’ – people with mild symptoms. The Ministry of Heath will start by sending out the kits to the most affected regions first, followed by the rest.

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Illa also stated that he was doing all he could to provide healthcare workers with adequate protective materials. However, both regional health authorities and staff at hospitals across Spain have confirmed that they simply do not have enough protective materials, and are therefore highly exposed to the disease.

Illa confirmed that a million and a half of protective materials, including masks, have already been distributed across Spain, and that 300,000 more are on the way from Germany.

“I guarantee that all health care workers will have the material they need, where and when they need it,” he added.




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