Police in Alicante city step up control measures as people continue to flout ‘state of alarm’ restrictions

FINES: Police in Alicante issue more than 1,000 fines in 24 hours. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Alicante

MORE than 250 vehicles were stopped and checked in Alicante city this morning to see if the movements were justified as Local Police step up fixed and mobile controls.

Officers are deployed in different areas and accesses to the city, to verify members of the public are complying with measures established in the Government’s state of alarm decree to deal with the COVID19 pandemic.

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National Police were also checking cars, vans and motorcycles, as well as pedestrians, yesterday.

A spokesperson for Alicante Local Police said: “It is very important that we all continue to be aware of the duty to remain confined at home to contain the coronavirus,” while stressing that the police controls will continue to be carried out daily, and non-compliance will result in fines, and even arrest in the most serious cases.

Members of the public are also reminded that “you cannot travel with several people in the same vehicle”, except for justified reasons, such as accompanying a dependent to a hospital appointment.

Strengthening surveillance to prevent “improper use of vehicles” is one of the measures that the police has implemented in the city, and chiefs have thanked “the thousands of people from Alicante who comply with the measures and the duty to be confined to their homes”.

But a minority continues to breach the regulations.

Yesterday afternoon, the Alicante’s Local Police officers were involved in “hundreds of interventions” and on six occasions had to break up groups of people playing tennis, basketball and football in calle’s Zeus Licia Calderón, Goleta as well as Plaza Cruz Roja.

Alicante City Council thanked the majority for their collaboration, and reminded that “you cannot go out for sports or a walk, to visit friends or family, meet people on the street, or go out to smoke or meet other dog owners”.

Local Police officers are calling for citizen collaboration, and ask that if any non-compliance is observed or groups of people gathered, call 112 so that they can intervene.

As well as controls, officers are patrolling on foot, in vehicles throughout the city and on quads along the beaches.


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