Health and Beaty News: Tips on banishing bacteria during the Coronavirus

Staying healthy: Stepping up the cleaning of reusable personal items. Credit: Etsy


ALTHOUGH the majority of people are currently on lockdown or self-isolation there are still those of you who will be out in public. Whether you need to go to work or visit the supermarket, everyday items can become magnets for germs.

Here are some top tips for staying healthy:


Wash bottles

Pop your reusable water bottle in the dishwasher every day or if you don’t have a dishwasher, clean it thoroughly with hot soapy water. To bring bacteria down to a safe level, the water needs to be piping hot, at over 82c.

Wipe down your keys

Everything your hand touches carries germs, although your keys are less of a concern as you probably touch them only a couple of times a day, in the current climate, clean them daily with a wipe.

Reading matters

Treat Kindles as you would your phone. Choose a wipeable case, or use dedicated electronic screen wipes. With books, don’t lick your fingers before turning pages — your mouth contains all kinds of bacteria.

Get a phone case

Phones go everywhere with us, making them hands-down the most germ-ridden item in your bag. The answer? Clean yours daily. Ideally, cover it with a hard case and a screen protector you can rub down with a household antibacterial wipe. If you use your phone without a case, normal wipes can damage the screen, so use a dedicated cleaner.

Special wipes for glasses

Reading glasses can be another germ hotspot. The reusable cloths that come with glasses just spread bugs around, so use a disposable antibacterial wipe to clean the frames and case regularly. To clean lenses, use a specialist wipe, available from pharmacies and opticians.

Hang up your bag

Handbags are a nightmare to keep clean, particularly if they’re leather. If you have a fabric bag, you can put that in the washing machine at a high temperature, or you can wipe faux-leather down with antibacterial spray once a week.

Avoid putting your bag on dirty bus or train floors, and always hang it on a hook when you go to the toilet. The minute you get home, hang it by the front door, and never put it down on a bed or table, as you’ll transfer germs.


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