Spain’s police makes 88 arrests for BREAKING State of Alarm laws

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The Spanish law enforcement authorities have confirmed that they have arrested around 88 people for breaking the State of Alarm laws. Of the 88 arrests, 73 were made by the National Police and 15 by the Guardia Civil, for ‘disobeying’ the restrictions imposed by the State on Saturday 14th March 2020 to contain the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The figures were released to the Government, on the fourth day of confinement, after country’s the Ministry of Health announced that more than 13,716 are now infected with the COVID-19, and the death toll has risen to 558.

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The police authorities have particularly noted an increase in offences, relating to the restrictions, particularly by those trying to cross the Basque country frontiers of Junquera (Girona) and Irún (Gipuzkoa), where they have stopped around 834 people from entering Spain.

The authorities have also confiscated around 68,913 masks, 5,053 protective glasses and 1,816 protective gloves at airports, which were apparently destined for individuals planning to sell them over the Internet. Most of these were confiscated at airports, such as Barajas, Gran Canaries, Santiago de Compostela and Madrid. In fact, around 44,000 masks were confiscated in Madrid alone. These supplies have been immediately handed over to the health authorities to be distributed to hospitals.


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