Property news: Tips for a clear space and mind in an organised home.

Keys to an organised home life: Everything should be in its place. Credit: Mental Floss


A JAPANESE guru named Marie Kondo plans to give us the keys to a more organised home life and teach us how to not accumulate things as if the end of the world were to arrive tomorrow.

After watching a multitude of tutorials on YouTube, following the tidiest Instagram accounts and learning to fold up to underwear vertically, we can say that the Kondo phenomenon certainly makes sense.

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Although there are times when you need someone to remind you, the reality is that most of the tips this organizer gives us are very easy to put into practice.

Some suggestions to a more organised home are:

That you should hang your clothes when you change when you get home. You can also leave it in the washing machine or laundry basket if it is for washing. Banish forever the famous chair in the room that has amassed a pile at the end of the week taller than Everest.


Always make the bed: it will give you the feeling of organisation. If you have it adorned with pretty cushions and blankets, you will believe that instead of being at home you are in a posh hotel or in one of those perfect magazine showcases.


There is a place for everything and everything should be in its place:  Once we finish using something you have to put it back where it belongs. Not only will it declutter your home but it means it should never get lost. For example, if you finish reading a book, return it to the bookshelf.


Organise, classify clothes, books, kitchen utensils or anything you have at home in a way that will help you find them when you need them.


Do not accumulate: Avoid storing papers, clothes, magazines or anything else that creates a sense of disorder and that does not help you at all. Don’t leave dishes in the kitchen sink. Just five minutes can save you from drowning in a pile of dishes, glasses and pans.



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