Costa Almeria council coronavirus state of emergency assistance to elderly, disabled and vulnerable

SERVICE: Civil Protection is taking basic necessities and pharmaceuticals to people considered in risk groups CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

ADRA council is providing coronavirus crisis state of emergency assistance to the municipality’s elderly, disabled and anyone considered at risk who lives alone.

The local Civil Protection service is responsible for providing the service, taking to people in these vulnerable groups basic necessities and pharmaceutical products.

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“This situation we are living through is a really serious health crisis”, commented Adra Mayor Manuel Cortes.

“It is a priority for our government team to protect the health of our residents and to guarantee their well-being”, he maintained.

“We cannot forget that there are elderly and vulnerable people in circumstances of need, who we have to care for and protect with particular sensitivity. Hence we have incorporated this measure to look after this collective.”

The aim is that everyone considered vulnerable or at particular risk can remain in their homes and avoid being exposed to possible infection.

Anyone who needs the service of shopping for foods and other essentials and picking up medication should call the 950 400 400 between 9am and 2pm. Adra Town Hal staff are attending to the calls and transferring the requests to the municipal Social Services department.

They then carry out all the relevant checks on the personal circumstances of the person making the request.

It is the Adra Civil Protection staff who have the ultimate responsibility for processing the requests and for safely dealing with people’s needs.

The council made it clear the Civil Protection personnel providing the service are provided with individual protection measures in accordance with that established by the health authorities.

The council also clarified that this home service is in addition to that provided by the CLECE, which provides home assistance to people in a situation of dependence for the local authority.


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