Spain reassures public ‘water, gas & electricity’ supplies will not be cut off amid Coronavirus crisis

Spain's energy and water suppliers will be ‘banned from cutting off' these essential supplies for those struggling to pay bills. CREDIT: SHUTTERSTOCK

The Spanish Government has reassured the public that essential supplies, such as gas, water and electricity, will not be cut off during the Coronavirus crisis. Energy and water suppliers will be ‘banned from cutting off essential supplies’ for the vulnerable and those struggling to pay bills.

The news follows the Government’s decision to freeze mortgage payments for individuals affected by the crisis. These measures are said to apply to the main residence of affected workers and the self-employed who are suffering from a lack of income/unemployment as a result of the country’s lockdown.

The Government has also agreed to pay unemployment benefit to anyone affected by company cutbacks or business closures amid the Coronavirus crisis. It also ensures the public that all basic needs will be provided for. Additional measures to help struggling households through the crisis are being finalised by the Government this afternoon.






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