€6 million project to upgrade education facilities in Villajoysa goes out to tender

TENDER: Villajoyosa is accepting bids to construct new school.

A €6 MILLION project to completely reconstruct a primary school in Villajoyosa has been put out to tender, though the Town Hall has stressed a deadline for bids has not yet been confirmed in light of the coronavirus crisis.

Plans for the Dr Alvaro Esquerdo Primary School were approved in January.

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Councillor for Education, Xente Sebastià, said: “The estimated construction time contemplated is between 450 days at least and 548 at the most.

“Unfortunately, with the state of alert in place, the deadline for submission is suspended. When this alarm state is lifted, the tendering deadlines will start to run.”

He added that he hopes “this situation will end as soon as possible for the sake of citizens,” and so that the project can be completed as soon as possible.

“With the conclusion of this contract, the aim is to satisfy the need to provide the Dr Alvaro Esquerdo School with decent and adequate facilities,” said Andreu Verdú, Mayor of Villajoyosa.



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